Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kicking Back with Kickers!

For the past seven years I have competed in a pay-to-play Fantasy Football league. Many of those years I was the only female among the group. The other gentlemen in the league are spread throughout the United States and although I’ve never met many of them in person, I consider them to be friends.

As with any fantasy league we have certain scoring rules and the rules are subject to change in any year. This year our scoring system for kickers was updated such that a field goal of 50-59 yards is worth five points, a field goal of 60-69 yards is now worth seven points and a field goal of 70+ yards is worth ten points. Previously any field goal greater than 50 yards was worth five points. I didn’t personally see the need to change the rules, but had no objection either, as field goals greater than 60 yards are rare. But how rare are they? The following website follows the history of NFL field goals The current record was set by Tom Dempsey in 1970 at 63 yards and tied by Jason Elam in 1998. The longest field goal last year was 57 yards by Nate Kaeding and Sebastian Janikowski. Since 2000 only two 60+ field goals one of 62 yards and one of 60 yards have been recorded, both in 2006.

While looking for the NFL record for longest field goals I was reminded of my High School years. I attended Permian High School in Odessa, TX – yes, THE Permian High School of “Friday Night Lights” fame. I was also in the band which means I traveled to all of the district and play-off games. There was one semi-final play-off game in which my Panthers were down 7-9 to Longview late in the fourth quarter. After being stopped on third down and with Permian unlikely to receive the ball on offense again, the coaches opted for a field goal. Out steps Russell Wheatley who proceeds to kick a 62 yard clutch field goal that won the game and allowed Permian to proceed to the state final. At that time 62 yards was the record for high school football. Since that time a 65 yard field goal has been reported at the high school level.

So what are the odds we will see a 70+ yard field goal? Not very good. But this one thing I do know, when/if it happens, someone will be waiting in the locker room handing a urine cup to that Kicker.


  1. Shirley, very funny closing to your latest post. Enjoyed reading your blog on kickers and will be sure to check in from time to time during the season(I might learn a few insider tips for success in FF along the way). Also, in the photo featuring you and your father under "about me" you look as peaceful and wise as I envisioned you would be.


  2. Maybe with a great tailwind, a ball filled with helium and a whole lot of steroids..........
    Not on this planet!

  3. Perhaps in the Rookie-verse a 70 yd field goal could happen. We'll have to get the FDO's opinion on that.