Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kilroy2.0 is EVERYWHERE!

If you’ve been on any social media website today you’ve probably seen something like “ [ :: ERROR :: ANYONE'S MIND CAN AND BODY CAN BE DUPLICATED!!! KILROY2.0 IS HERE #7thSon ]”. Who is this Kilroy2.0 and why is he hacking everyone’s social media pages? Kilroy2.0, likely the most loved, is one of seven beta clones – replicas of one John Alpha who is intent on taking over the world. The only people who can stop John Alpha are the seven beta clones.

7th Son: Descent is the first novel in the 7th son trilogy written by J.C. Hutchins. The book is part science fiction and part adventure. A master in the social media circle, J.C. devises cleaver ways for his followers (the beta clone army) to spread the news of his works. In the 7th Son novel Kilroy2.0 is a computer hacker who isn’t all quit there but who plays a major part in resolving the plot. Since Kilroy2.0 is so well loved by the beta clone army, J.C. uses Kilroy’s hacking abilities to disrupt the beta clone army’s social media sites.

7th Son: Descent makes its debut today and can be purchased from your favorite book store. Check out a PDF preview of 7th Son: Descent here http://bit.ly/7thSonDescentSpecialEditionPDF